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We’re happy to report that FitWood UK is now available and lovingly localised for our customers in the United Kingdom. There you can find our complete line of designer fitness equipment.

At FitWood we believe that fitness equipment should add to, rather than detract from, the beauty of your home — that it should always be at your fingertips, rather than hidden in the closet. We believe you should feel confident that the products you choose are produced in thoughtful and sustainable ways.

We make no compromises in achieving these goals.

That’s why each of our products is carefully designed in a clean and appealing Scandinavian style, and why each of our items is sourced from the sustainable forests of Finland and constructed from winter-hardened birch wood.

We’re proud to offer these products to those of you who live in the UK and know that this launch will help us serve you even better.

Stay with us. This is only the beginning.

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