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Since FitWood’s launch in late 2015, the company has developed and brought nine products to market. Six new products are planned by next annual year-end, with more than 40 on the long-term horizon. Outside funding through Invesdor is key to support continual product development and international expansion.

In early 2017, FitWood brought to market its two most complex products to date: the SNÖBLOCK Training Table and TROLLSTIGEN Wallbars, both designed in partnership with hockey professional Aleksander Barkov. With these — particularly the SNÖBLOCK, which doubles as a sleek modern living table — FitWood stepped beyond the world of foam rollers and ab wheels to offer exercise options fully integrated with the home.

Moving forward, FitWood will keep its R&D pipeline constantly active. This offers a benefit to investors and customers alike: because FitWood equipment doesn’t need to be hidden in the closet, exercising throughout a busy day is simpler and easier. At the same time, the constant growth of FitWood’s product line means it will become more accessible to an ever-broadening market of exercisers from all ages.

Each FitWood product has been crafted using sustainable materials from Baltic forests, primarily Nordic birch. The goal of the company is simple: to bring sustainably made, long-lasting and attractive wooden fitness equipment to as many people as possible across Europe and the world.

This vision challenges four harmful norms in the fitness equipment industry: unsustainable production, unethical labor, obsolescence, and poor design. This will continue into the remainder of 2017 and forward.

By encouraging healthier lifestyles through exercise, and a healthier planet through ethical and sustainable production, FitWood hopes to make the world a better place. Follow their campaign progress here, and find their growing product line at https://fitwood.com/.

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